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Gift a gift that uplifts

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Everyone could use a little push to spend more time thinking about their goals & growth. Gifting the Inspiration Display + Start Kit will prompt your loved one to set intentions and inspire self-growth. This kit makes for a unique gift that lets your recipient know how you believe in them!
Choose your Gifting Plan
Starter Kit
Starter Kit +
Pre-paid Trial Subscription
(2 Cards)
Starter Kit +
Pre-paid Trial Subscription
(4 Cards)
Starter Kit:
1 Inspiration Display
3 Inspiration Cards
1 Card Collection Box
Community Access
Card Subscriptions
Gifts Subscriptions are Pre-Paid & Non-recurring Trials
× + $30
2 cards ($6/card),
Delivery Cycle: 3 Months
+ $50
4 cards ($6/card),
Delivery Cycle: 2 Months
Total $40 Gift it! $30 Gift it! $50 Gift it!
All Shipping & Postage Included

Add a custom note to your gift!

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Starter Kit Includes
1 Inspiration Display A desk accessory designed to keep inspiration front of mind! Its minimal design & metallic finish will help catch your eye and remind you to reflect on the card’s message throughout your day. The easel construction makes it easy to switch out your cards!
3 Inspiration Cards Textured stationary cards printed with a selection of our favorite empowering quotes! The back of the card features prompts to help you think of ways to apply that inspiration in your life, with an area to note your intentions directly on the card.
1 Card Collection Box A keepsake box designed to hold your inspiration cards as you build your collection.
Community Access An online community where you can read stories on how the cards you’ve received have helped uplift & inspire others. Feel free to share your stories too!

Gifting FAQs

Will my gifted subscription automatically renew?

Nope! Gifted subscriptions will not renew automatically, unless the recipient decides to subscribe themselves after receiving.

How will my gift recipient get access to their account?

All gift shipments will be sent with instructions on how to set up their account & get started.

When are the subscription cards sent?

The first card will be sent 4-6 weeks following the delivery of the starter kit, giving the recipient time to purpose the 3 cards that come with the starter kit.

How will my gift recipient know if I gifted them a trial subscription?

On the back of your custom note will be information about your gift and what is included! We'll give them information on what to expect in terms of future cards if you gifted a pre-paid/trial subscription.

Other Questions?
Check out our FAQ page or send us an email at 😊

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